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November 19, 2008

Children of Africa suffering amidst uprising

Many of you know about our involvement with Touch Uganda, a non-profit organization we created to help provide medical care for children living in the most remote areas of Uganda, Africa. In the past year we have had to cancel two planned trips to the hospital we are working with in Uganda because it is located on the border of eastern Congo, where the well-publicized civil strife and rebel activity has been taking place. Dr. Paul Williams, our good friend and director of the Bwindi Community Hospital, contacted us last week after a group of refugees, mainly children, fled from gunfire during a rebel attack in their village in the Congo to seek refuge in Uganda near our hospital. Our small remote hospital provides the only medical care for hundreds of miles. The children were found exhausted, hungry, scared and some, very sick. The ones in the worst shape were taken to our hospital.

Others are being treated on site at a mobile medical clinic set up by our medical team who have been working around the clock to continue running the hospital and to provide care for the Congolese refugees. It is a very tenuous situation at best and we are stretched as thin as we possibly can to cover all the needs.

With the state of our economy, it is difficult for us to ask for your help.

But these children are in desperate need. We are asking you to give whatever you are able to at this time and nothing more. Even the smallest contributions will make an impact. Tax-deductible donations can be made via Paypal on our website Checks can be mailed to TOUCH Uganda, Inc., 308 Main Street, Box 1623, Burlington, Vt. 05402. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Thanksgiving. We appreciate your compassion and any help you can offer.

Many thanks from all of us at Touch Uganda.

Sheila Morrissey and Kris Owens, Shelburne