Jerry's Run



Support Jerry as he runs in the Vermont City Marathon for Touch Uganda.

Dear Friends,

We all try to think of ways to contribute to the world and we are each faced with our own daily distractions- be it our kids, our jobs, our lives in general. Personally, when I think about how little it would take to make a difference in some of the poorer countries of the world, it is frustrating that I can't do more to help. In Uganda, for example, where more than 85% of the population lives on less than $1 per day, how can anybody possibly afford medical care? And if they could, the resources are scarce.

TOUCH Uganda of Vermont has formed a supportive tie with Bwindi Community Health Centre, a medical mission that has come to fruition in Kanunga, Southwest Uganda, which is saving hundreds of lives every week. They recently completed a pediatric wing for the health center (completely on volunteer donations) where they are opening units for treatment of malaria, malnutrition and dehydration.

I am giving each of you the opportunity to join me in making an impact in this community. I have been training for the Vermont City Marathon and would like to run for a cause... it is my goal to raise enough money to pay the salary and accomodation cost of a Ugandan nurse, Lornah, for one year. Amazingly, this is only $4,000 ! Through the financial relationship between TOUCH Uganda and BCHC, the money raised in this race will go directly to cover the cost of Lornah's housing and salary for one year!

We can make a difference by helping those who are helping others. Please show your generous support!!!

Abundant thanks!!!


Touch Uganda, Inc. 308 Main St. • Box 1623 • Burlington, Vermont 05402