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September, 2009

TOUCH visits Bwindi!

Jerry, Sheila, Louisa and Jean traveled half way around the world to visit Bwindi Community Hospital in Buhoma, Uganda. They spent their days in and around the hospital learning everything they could.

  • Jerry did rounds in the Children's Ward learning first hand about all the illness' they see in the hospital and how they treat the children.

  • Jean spent a day with Dorothy feeding the children and observing mothers who were learning how to properly grow vegtables for their families in a demonstration garden.

  • Sheila and Louisa went to an outreach clinic in Byumba and spent the day learning about their family planning clinics, community health services that included treatment as well as prevention.

What they found was an incredible hospital that offers health and hope to all the surrounding communities. The focus is prevention - educating and empowering patients, their families and community members on how to prevent common illnesses, to promote health and to offer a future for this poor area of Uganda.


December 9, 2008

Greetings from Uganda,

“Enjojo ebiri za rwana obunyasi nibwo burikubonabona” (a local expression meaning- when two elephants fight it is the grass that becomes injured). The results of the recent conflict in the DRC have produced at least a ½ million refugees. A small portion-15,000 to 20,000- have ended up not far from our hospital. Many of these refugees had been dislocated from the fighting in Rwanda in 1994, had sought refuge in the Congo and now were fleeing their homes again.

Sol and Rotaract companion Daniel at water collection station

Rotary has recently been generous with a grant to provide the Batwa pygmies with clean water and sanitation. Sol Henson, a hydrologist from Nevada City, has been spearheading the project. We were aware that the water situation at the refugee camp was problematic with reports of a recent outbreak of cholera and went to assist.

What we did find is that Medicine Sans Frontiers and UNHCR were doing an excellent job but that they did appreciate Sol’s assistance as the water supply had not been previously tested. Sol took samples at the water source and at the numerous taps around the camps. Sol will return today and apprise them of the results. Additionally, there were a few medical problems that needed consultation and a small local clinic adjacent to the refugee camp was being overwhelmed. Bwindi Hospital has had a longstanding relationship with this clinic and will be sending supplies and additional staffing to meet their critical needs.

I observed a long line of approximately 2000 refugees waiting patiently for the distribution of a blanket, a jerry can and white, durable plastic sheet. Using the plastic they are able to build a temporary, modest structures. These white tents, so crowded together, appeared from a distance to be like a blanket of snow on the barren landscape. Apparently the refugees will remain in this camp for an additional 4 to 6 weeks and then will either be sent to a more permanent camp in the interior of Uganda or return home if the fighting in the DRC has defervesced. One can only imagine the incredible hardships that they have endured. Many of the refugees understand the local dialect and I was able to communicate with them. I never cease to be amazed when they respond to the greeting of “ori ota” (how are you) with “tinineshonga” (I have no problem). I occasionally enquire deeper with “but you have lost everything”, the response typically is “yes, we have lost our homes and all of our possessions but we have our families and we still have hope-we have no problems”. Your prayers are appreciated.

All the best,



Touch Uganda, Inc. 308 Main St. • Box 1623 • Burlington, Vermont 05402