Every child deserves a chance, but without their health, a child in Uganda doesn’t stand a chance.


"I never cease to be amazed when they respond to the greeting of "ori ota"
(how are you) with "tinineshonga" (I have no problem). I occasionally
enquire deeper with "but you have lost everything", the response typically
is "yes, we have lost our homes and all of our possessions but we have our
families and we still have hope-we have no problems"

- Dr. Scott Kellermann

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Sheila, Seth, Meg, Kris, Danielle and Abby with friends and patients at Bwindi Community Hospital in June, 2010.

TOUCH visits Bwindi

Jerry, Louisa, Sheila and Jean under the sign thanking TOUCH Uganda
for their support of the Children's Ward at Bwindi Community Hospital
in September, 2009.

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